AHFC Weatherization Program

In addition to providing funding for the Home Energy Rebate Program, the passing of Senate Bill 256 also allotted 200 million dollars to home weatherization programs in the state of Alaska. The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) is expanding its current weatherization program which focused on low-income homes by revising the income guidelines from 60 percent of  the median poverty level to include up to 100 percent of the median poverty level with the passing of Senate Bill 289. Visit our blog for updates or check the AHFC website for additional information as it becomes available in the near future.

The Facts (see the AHFC Weatherization/Rebates page for additional information)

  • Alaskans who meet income requirements would be eligible for free weatherization assistance, similar to AHFC’s current program. The legislation increased current income limits from 60 percent of the median to 100 percent of the median to allow more Alaskans to qualify.
  • Alaskans may participate in either the rebate or the weatherization program, not both.
  • The goal is long-term energy savings.
  • Energy audits are required to determine the best energy improvements for a home. Once the improvements are completed, a follow-up inspection audit is used to verify completion.
  • There are training requirements for individuals and organizations performing work under this program.
  • This program focuses on existing homes, not new home construction.
  • Program funds may not be used for renewable energy systems.
  • AHFC is working with the five state weatherization agencies and 15 state designated regional housing authorities on implementation.
  • Income Guidelines for Weatherization provides a general idea of eligibility.

*The facts above are taken directly from the AHFC website.*

To assist you, AHFC has also published a list of energy raters and weatherization providers in the state of Alaska.

For additional information visit our blog, the AHFC Website, or call 1-877-325-2508.