AHFC Home Energy Rebate Program

With the passing of Senate Bill 256, 100 million dollars was allotted for home energy rebates in the state of Alaska. The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) is in the process of implementing a “Home Energy Rebate Grant Program” that “will rebate up to $10,000 to a homeowner who improves the energy efficiency of his or her home.” See the AHFC Home Energy Rebate Grant Program Guidelines.

The rebate program assists homeowners in making the most energy efficient improvements for their home. Home energy raters will evaluate homes before & after the improvements to determin the base energy rating and the number of steps improved after work is complete. The more the home’s energy efficiency improves, the greater the possible rebate. The final program will be announced soon. 

The facts (see the AHFC Weatherization/Rebates page for additional information)

The home energy rebate program has no income requirements.

  • Alaskans may participate in either the rebate or the weatherization program, not both.
  • The goal is long-term energy savings for Alaskans.
  • The amount of the rebate received under the home energy program will depend on how much the home efficiency improves. Improvement is based on a rating scale. When a home moves up from one rating level to a higher one, that is a step improvement. The more steps a home improves, the greater the rebate (up to a pre-set limit) and the more efficient the home.
  • Rebates may not cover the full amount of improvements. A loan for additional funds may be needed. AHFC will offer a Second Mortgage for Energy Conservation to qualified borrowers, up to $30,000.
  • There are training requirements for individuals and organizations performing work under this program.

*The facts above are taken directly from the AHFC website.*

See AHFC’s energy raters list for raters arround Alaska. 

For additional information visit our blog, the AHFC Website, or call 1-877-325-2508.

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