Newsminer: Wal-Mart steps up to fill recycling void in Fairbanks

From the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer May 27, 2008

Workers at Wal-Mart separate cardboard, plastics, paper and aluminum beverage cans before using a baling machine in the store’s back storage room to compress them into 600-pound cubes…

We’re all excited to be able to help the community out,” Bradley McGinnity, a co-manager at the store, said. “I think it’s a good thing for the company and the community.”

The store’s decision to accept recyclables — in reasonable quantities, as it will fall to the store’s paid employees to handle them — is sure to be a hit with its regular shoppers, who live in a community that lacks a conventional recycling program. It’s also likely to create an interesting decision for Wal-Mart critics in Fairbanks who either avoid super-retailers in protest of their significant, indirect impact on locally owned businesses and the labor pool or those who believe Wal-Mart is simply hoping recyclers will be inclined to buy more merchandise from a friendlier company.

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