UAF Announces Sustainable Village Design Competition

concept of cluster housing at UAF

UAF and CCHRC are working on designing a Sustainable Village at UAF—a cluster of small student housing units that are cost effective, resource responsible, energy efficient and community focused. The Sustainable Village Design competition includes UAF students in the process.

Teams of students will be given a set of site plans, arctic building science resources and competition guidelines. They will be asked to use these resources to design a living community with a target number of student housing units. CCHRC could incorporate any good ideas from the competition into the final design.

Registration opens on August 15. If you are a student interested in participating, make sure you identify your professional mentor and team members. If you would like to get credit, you will need to identify a faculty member in your academic home and attend the sustainable design seminar course. For more information visit or contact Michele Hebert, Sustainability Director, at