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Newsminer: Fairbanks Energy Rally Draws Hundreds

From the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer June 13, 2008.

“I think the message was real clear — do it now,” said resident Richard Wright, leaving the We Need Energy Now rally Thursday evening with his wife, Bette. She was quick to add, “with local control.”

“When homes can’t be heated and food can’t be put on the table because of the cost of trying to heat that home – we have a crisis,” he said. “Only you are the statesmen of Alaska, and only you can solve this problem.”

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Newsminer: Task force ponders city's energy options

From the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer June 12, 2008

We need to focus on the areas where we’ll get the best return of money,” Schmetzer said.

Cutting tiny costs here and there isn’t what the task force is looking for because the changes needed to update the city are expensive.

“We’re looking for the long term benefits of cutting costs today,” Sanders said.

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Newsminer:Spinach Creek Road solar project takes shape

From the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer June 9, 2008

A neighborhood solar power effort is moving ahead north of Fairbanks, where public officials have proposed leasing the organizers’ land.

The neighbor-initiated project, Solar North Cooperative, has proposed building what organizers say would be one of the largest solar-power spreads in the state. The facility would sit near Spinach Creek Road approximately 10 miles northwest of town.

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Newsminer: Administration re-evaluating its short-term energy plan

From the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer May 31, 2008

JUNEAU — Gov. Sarah Palin’s administration is re-evaluating its short-term energy relief plan in response to criticisms that it is unfair and could actually work against the state’s long-term goals, according to Steve Haagenson, the governor’s energy coordinator.

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Newsminer: City's utility expenses up 23 percent from last year

From the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer, May 30, 2008

Fairbanks City Council is taking spring cleaning to a whole new level after a review of the 2008 utilities budget showed city energy expenses had gone up 23 percent in the last year.

…The city began by re-insulating portions of City Hall, repairing weather seals on leaking older windows and lowering the thermostat as well as minimizing air conditioning units throughout the building.

Public Works installed energy efficient light bulbs and motion detector lighting in low-traffic areas such as restrooms and hallways.

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Newsminer: Interior lawmakers find holes in Palin's energy proposition

From the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer May 20, 2008

Interior lawmakers are still reviewing Gov. Sarah Palin’s plan for short-term energy cost relief, but a few said Monday they were concerned about regional balance and assistance for businesses.

Palin’s proposal would give every Alaskan $100 a month — through debit cards — that could be spent on heating fuel, electricity, gasoline or other energy products. It would also give grants to electric utilities that would cover 60 percent of the cost of electricity to residential and commercial customers.

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Newsminer: Rebate program begins for energy-efficient homes

From The Fairbanks Daily Newsminer May 16, 2008

The Alaska Housing Finance Corp. kicks off a rebate program today to reimburse property owners for making their homes more energy-efficient.

The new program will supplement a long-running weatherization effort available to residents who earn up to, but not above, the state’s median income.

The rebate program and a dramatic expansion to the weatherization program come amidst — and in response to — rocketing energy prices.

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Newsminer: Alaska proposes $1.2 billion program to help offset energy costs

From The Fairbanks Daily Newsminer May 15, 2008

JUNEAU — Gov. Sarah Palin on Thursday proposed a $1.2 billion, one-year plan to help offset the high energy costs paid by the state’s residents.

Grants totaling $475 million would be given to utility companies operating in the state, to be used to lower customer bills.

Palin said she expects monthly bills to be reduced by 60 percent because of the state aid.

Most residents also would receive $100 Energy Debit Cards monthly under the proposal, which requires legislative approval.

The cards would be authorized for purchases from Alaska energy vendors, like heating oil distributors, natural gas and electric utilities, gas stations and other retail fueling stations.

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