Go Green! 50 Actions You Can Take Today

From DisneyFamily.com:

What can you and your family do to be kind to the environment TODAY? Here are 50 simple, earth-friendly actions.


  1. Buy eco! Super cool and environmentally friendly shoes, purses, skateboard earrings, platters, picture frames, batteries, cars, and more are readily available these days
  2. Recycle electronics, including computers, printers, cd players, and toys
  3. Build a garden using native plants
  4. Incorporate Integrated Pest Management practices into your garden
  5. Buy groceries in bulk
  6. Take a reusable bag to the grocery store
  7. Ride a bicycle to work or to take care of errands around town
  8. Watch environmentally themed movies such as Sacred Planet
  9. Carry a reusable mug, everywhere
  10. Use recycled-content copy paper

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