Sustainable Village Week 5: Welcome students, more framing

This week the first members of the student workforce started at the UAF Sustainable Village site. Student carpenters helped frame in the second home (on the northeast lot)

About eight students will work on the project this summer. They all participated in a safety course this week, learning the basics of on-site safety—such as using personal protection equipment and identifying site hazards. Next week they will be taught how to use a skill saw, nail gun, chop saw, and scaffolding.

Next week we will install trusses on the northwest home. The homes will have a shed-style roof with a continuous ¾ inch air vent under the decking so heat doesn’t conduct to the roof. There will be 20 inches of cellulose insulation in the roof for an R-60.

UAF students attend a safety course before starting work at the UAF Sustainable Village.

Student carpenter Garret working with longtime carpenter Joe on the Village site.