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Newsminer: Task force ponders city's energy options

From the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer June 12, 2008

We need to focus on the areas where we’ll get the best return of money,” Schmetzer said.

Cutting tiny costs here and there isn’t what the task force is looking for because the changes needed to update the city are expensive.

“We’re looking for the long term benefits of cutting costs today,” Sanders said.

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Energy Savings and the REMOTE wall

BY: Danielle Jamieson & Nathan Wiltse, Cold Climate Housing Research Center
Energy Focus: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner June 12, 2008, Section A3


There can be significant savings in heating costs depending on the wall system used in a house, up to $1076 a year!   The Cold Climate Housing Research Center did an analysis on two different types of walls to evaluate their impact on the amount of fuel required to heat a home.  The example simulated homes were top of the line and all rated at five-star or five-star-plus by the AKWarm energy rating program. 

The example homes were all 2,000 sq ft 2-story houses with attached 650 sq ft2-car garages.   Each had an improved efficiency boiler that used number two fuel oil and also heated hot water using a tankless coil in the boiler.   All other building components were the same. Continue reading

Preparing for winter in Fairbanks: An energy rating from a certified energy rater is a good choice for most

BY: Ryan Colgan & John Davies, Cold Climate Housing Research Center
Energy Focus: Fairbanks Daily News-Miner May 29, 2008,  Section A3

Many in Fairbanks do not want to think about winter just as summer is arriving. However, there is no better time to prepare for winter and the high energy expenses that result from heating your home.

AHFC offers two programs to help those in the Alaska reduce the expense of home heating by improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Continue reading

Newsminer: Alaska proposes $1.2 billion program to help offset energy costs

From The Fairbanks Daily Newsminer May 15, 2008

JUNEAU — Gov. Sarah Palin on Thursday proposed a $1.2 billion, one-year plan to help offset the high energy costs paid by the state’s residents.

Grants totaling $475 million would be given to utility companies operating in the state, to be used to lower customer bills.

Palin said she expects monthly bills to be reduced by 60 percent because of the state aid.

Most residents also would receive $100 Energy Debit Cards monthly under the proposal, which requires legislative approval.

The cards would be authorized for purchases from Alaska energy vendors, like heating oil distributors, natural gas and electric utilities, gas stations and other retail fueling stations.

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