Anchorage Daily News: Alaskans learn how to make their own fuel

From the Anchorage Daily News June 22, 2008

PALMER — Two bucks a gallon to make your own biodiesel sounds like a bargain compared to $5 to pump a gallon of gas or heating oil. But operating a processing plant in your garage might be more of a hobby than you’re willing to take on.

Sandi Wilson heats her Knik-Goose Bay home with heating oil. At about $5 a gallon for a 500-gallon tank, a full tank runs $2,500. Ouch. What’s not to like about cutting that to $1,000?

So with that idea in mind, Wilson joined 18 other students for Will Taygan’s Backyard Biodiesel class June 14 at the Spring Creek Farm north of Palmer.

Taygan has taught the benefits of biodiesel for three years.

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