Newsminer: Our energy crisis: Alaska should listen as other states handle high heating oil prices

From the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer Editorial Page June 15, 2008

People in the Fairbanks area have grown weary of heating oil prices that seem to be forever heading upward. The frustration manifested itself in mass form Thursday night at an energy rally at the Carlson Center.

People want something done.

It’s important, though, to know Fairbanks isn’t alone. Too often, we think Fairbanks is an island beset by problems no one else can understand. When it comes to heating oil prices, however, that’s not quite right.

Our fellow Americans in the Northeastern states, which have a heavy consumption of heating oil, are feeling pinched as well. Their leaders are considering a variety of ideas, and Alaska’s state leaders should be monitoring how the Northeast responds. The Alaska Legislature meets in a second special session later this summer for the specific purpose of doing something about the short-term cost of energy.

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