Week 19 & 20 at the Sustainable Village: HRVs, Siding & Porches on Helical Piers

Week 19 was a flurry of activity trying to finish homes for students to move in starting in Week 20. That included siding, interior trim, adding deck railing, moving in furniture, and–everyone’s favorite–cleaning up!

During Week 20 students moved into three of the homes. We are still wrapping up the interior of the SW home as well as a few outdoor tasks like siding. We are using a recyclable cellular vinyl siding on the south faces of the homes–a nice contrast with the bright metal siding and salvaged mining pipe. Each house has a unique patchwork look.

We also built front porches for the two homes on pilings–which meant driving four steel helical piers into the ground and building a wood deck on them. In the time lapse, you can watch Dawson installing the HRV and ductwork in the SW home (in turbo speed).