Disabled to get funds for Energy Star items

From the Anchorage Daily News on Friday, October 16, 2009:

The Alaska Housing Finance Corp. is preparing to divvy out Alaska’s comparatively small share of $300 million in federal stimulus money to cover rebates on energy-efficient appliances.Because Alaska got only about a dollar per person — $658,000 — and officials wanted to make it count, AHFC’s proposal limits eligibility to disabled individuals — those who qualify for Supplemental Security Income, said AHFC public affairs director Bryan Butcher. AHFC estimates there are 10,000 such individuals in Alaska.

People living in rural areas would get more to account for higher shipping costs, he said.

Under the plan, which is awaiting approval by the U.S. Department of Energy, qualified individuals in rural areas could get rebates of $500 on refrigerators and freezers and $300 for washers and dryers. Those in urban areas would get $300 for refrigerators and freezers and $150 for washers and dryers.

Energy Star appliances qualify for the rebate, and participants will be encouraged to destroy their old machines, Butcher said.

AHFC is hoping to get DOE approval in time to begin offering the rebate in December, Butcher said.