EPA's "Design for the Environment" program certifies household cleaners

For the past several years, the US EPA has been partnering with manufacturers of household cleaners to certify “green” products using a strict list of criteria developed by industry and government.  “Design for the Environment” applies these criteria to each product submitted for certification.

According to Clive Davie, an engineer with the EPA, “We ask the manufacturer to provide us with a list of ingredients. If they are using the safest chemical for each type of ingredient, they earn the logo. If they’re not, we encourage them to reformulate.”

So far, the program has certified 22 products, from laundry soap to floor cleaner.

Click here to read a New York Times interview with Davie, published February 25, 2009.

Click here for a link to the EPA “Design for the Environment” list of certifed products.