Glass, Plastic Recycling Now Accepted in Fairbanks

Interior Alaska Green Star is pleased to let you all know about some NEW RECYCLING OPTIONS for the Fairbanks area!

K&K Recycling is now accepting all of the following materials for recycling:

  • Glass Bottles – All colors
  • All Plastics #1-7 (check number on bottom of container)
  • Cardboard and Paper
  • Aluminum
  • Tin

Location: 2040 Richardson Highway ( 9 mile ) between Fairbanks & North Pole

Hours: Monday – Saturday: 8 am – 5 pm

Some tips for preparing your materials for recycling

  • Please rinse all bottles and cans and remove labels
  • Please rinse all plastic containers
  • Please NO containers with food waste

In addition, K&K asks that you help by doing the following:

  • Monitor the recycling transfer site by only placing the proper material into the receptacles
  • Tell a friend or co-worker about the importance of recycling & available locations
  • Let them know if you’d like to be kept informed of upcoming locations or events by emailing
  • You can find more information on the K&K Recycling website:

 Below is a statement from K&K Recycling about their new recycling programs:

 Since 1984, K&K Recycling Inc. has been recycling in the interior of Alaska. In August, Fort Wainwright and K&K Recycling Inc. began a source separation recycling program to eliminate the waste stream by realizing it’s a resource stream of raw new materials waiting to be utilized by making new industry, product and local jobs.

As of October 3rd, UAF has also partnered with K&K Recycling Inc. by delivering their first load, over the upcoming weeks working agreements are expected to be finalized with Eielson AFB, Fort Greely and discussion with the FNSB Recycling Commission is ongoing.


  1. Thank you for the information.
    I hope you consider having a station here in Bettles Field, AK. The northern lights are great here!
    NPS has an Air Quality station here.

  2. Hi My husband and I own Delta Concrete. A few years ago I went to 3 bars and asked them to save me their glass. In 3 months I had a dump truck bed full. I finally had to stop picking it up because its a lot of work for a 120 pound woman. All the glass is still on the back property. I would love to do something with it, and am so glad to here about your glass recycling.

    Tena Walker

    Delta Jct AK

    907 590-0776

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