Host a Farm-to-Table Potluck Dinner

From The Daily Green:

Serve potluck dishes made from local foods. Invite a farm family, or arrange a visit to a local farm sometime.

Then, play old-fashioned outdoor games and sing folk songs and modern tunes about gardens and farms and saving the Earth. Play board games like Earthopoly, Wild Seed Game, Harvest Time, Farmopoly and Gardenopoly. Make your own Environmental Jeopardy game, with everyone contributing questions, or download Earth Day Network’s free version. Check out, rent, or buy a DVD appropriate for all ages. Green Planet Films, a nonprofit organization that promotes environmental education through film, is one of the best sources we’ve found.

For themes, search “eco dinners” or “green dinners” on the Internet and then choose a specific topic for links to discussion questions or guides. (Or browse around on The Daily Green!)

Additional sources of nature and environmental DVDs: Bullfrog Films and the Sierra Club.

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