How to Go Green: Thanksgiving Day


With all the planning, cooking, and cleaning, the last thing you want to think about is greening your Thanksgiving, right? But this is the perfect time to reflect and reassess your holiday preparations with a nod to sustainability.

It’s not as hard as you might think: Do you typically put a wreath on your door and a cut flower arrangement on your table? Try buying organic, or better yet, find living succulent wreaths for both. Is your centerpiece a turkey? Find a heritage breed, or consider a vegetarian alternative. Find out how to shop your local farmers’ markets for your feast, and find recycled elements for your holiday decor.

We’ve broken it down to make Thanksgiving an easy, eco-friendly, and fun holiday for all involved. Follow our countdown and you can make an easy transition to a more sustainable holiday tradition. With extensive tips on menu planning, decorating, shopping, cleaning and more, we’ve got you covered from now ’til leftovers.

There can you find an heirloom turkey? Where are cranberries grown? How much food do Americans normally waste? We’ve got the answers and lots more questions about Thanksgiving in our quiz: Do You Give Thanks With Minimal Impact? Click on over to get started and learn tons of great green knowledge along the way.

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