In the Works: A Consumer Guide to Heating Systems

CCHRC is working on  a Consumer Guide to Heating Systems that will help Alaskans decide which system is best for their home.  Our product testing researchers will compare several heating systems, such as oil-fired boilers and natural gas furnaces, on factors like cost, technology, and efficiency. The guide will also cover distribution and control systems as well as domestic hot water.

“Consumers can find product literature out there but currently there is not a coherent description and comparison of the heating systems commonly used in Alaska. Our research will cover the strengths and weaknesses of each technology in an unbiased way,” said Ness Spencer, who will author the report

She will determine which systems to focus on over the next couple of weeks.

The study, funded by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, will include a literature review as well as interviews with industry experts and building scientists. The report, which will be published in September and available for free on our website and through AHFC, will empower homeowners looking for the most appropriate heating system.