Our relationship with food

From the New York Times on Wednesday, October 15, 2008:


OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH food is changing more rapidly than ever, and like many others, I’ve watched in awe. As a food journalist and author for 30 years, my perspective has been unusual: I’ve worked with influential people in the field while remaining in frequent contact with my readers, who are some unknowable percentage of the home-cooking, food-obsessed segment of the public.Meals eaten, per person, per year, 2005

I’ve never been more hopeful. (In fact, I was never hopeful at all until recently.) Each year, each month it sometimes seems, there are more signs that convenience, that mid-20th-century curse word, may give way to quality — even what you might call wholesomeness — just before we all turn into the shake-sucking fatties of “Wall-E.”

We are taking food seriously again.

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