Rogers: Climate policy not realistic for UAF

From The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Sunday, November 22, 2009:

Hundreds of university chancellors and presidents have signed a pledge to steer their campuses toward a climate neutral policy on greenhouse gas emissions, but don’t expect the University of Alaska Fairbanks to join them anytime soon.

Chancellor Brian Rogers said he’s been asked by students and faculty to sign the American College & University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, but he doesn’t think it’s a realistic goal for a campus in an extreme cold-weather environment.

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  1. Thank you, Chancellor Rogers, a voice of reason! In the past few weeks, with the release of information revealing the manipulation of data that has been going on among British (and we can assume other) “global warming experts”, we see something that many have suspected all along — the theory of man-induced global warming has not been scientifically validated because anyone who had information unsupportive of the pro-global warming scientists’ agenda ended up being defunded, ridiculed, marginalized, and ultimately shut out of the process. So much for “peer review” and “the scientific process”. It would almost be laughable except for the fact that the purveyors of man-induced global warming are providing politicians with the very fodder they desire for instituting draconian measures which will allow for increased taxation (direct and indirect) and control over our lives to “fix” a problem that does not even exist. I’m all for alternate energy, simply to reduce our trade deficit and our dependence on foreign nations who have ill intentions for our future. And developing alternate energy sources simply makes long-term sense. But this business of deceitful “science”, for the sake of pushing an agenda, will hopefully be exposed sufficiently that the liars and their agenda will come to full light. Perhaps the truth will set us free from a creeping tyranny.

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