Sustainable Village: Laying Foundations

CCHRC is demonstrating an innovative foundation design at the Sustainable Village. Two of the homes, sitting on permafrost about 9 feet deep, will be built on steel piles, a common method for building on frozen ground. The other two, situated on stabler soil, will have an insulated mat foundation.

Builders laid the mat foundations last week. They include a geotextile mat placed directly on the soil with several feet of gravel on top. PVC pipes are embedded in the gravel in a grid formation as a backup cooling system. Resting on the pad is a steel floor assembly. Spray foam was applied against the entire system for a monolithic layer of insulation at least 10 inches thick. This is designed to prevent heat from inside from transferring to the ground. Temperature sensors were strung about 10 feet down into the soil to monitor any changes. If needed, cold air could be circulated through the piping system in the winter to lower the temperature, as insurance against shifting ground.

Here’s a look at the pad preparation.