Perhaps energy efficiency needs sex appeal

From The Anchorage Daily News, Friday, July 23, 2010:

Thanks to clever marketers, if I said I had a problem with ED, you might immediately have an idea what I’m talking about. But I have a problem with EE. It’s no cause for embarrassment — EE is a great thing. EE can save you money, create jobs, help protect our environment and safeguard our children’s future. Unfortunately, many people just don’t find EE that exciting.

EE is energy efficiency, and if you’re a building or business owner you needed EE yesterday. It’s the cheapest way to boost your profit margin, and in these tough times who doesn’t want that?

Oil spewing in the Gulf presents yet another reminder of our unsustainable addiction to fossil fuels, amplifying calls to move toward “clean” energy systems. Energy costs in Alaska can stifle economic development, especially in rural areas. Renewable energy generation — wind, solar, hydro, geothermal — is crucial to Alaska’s clean energy future, and this is what most people think of first when looking for truly sustainable energy solutions.

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